Austin Crown Molding, Foam crown molding, Styrofoam crown  molding and corner blocks
Vaulted up and down foam crown molding corners
Foam crown moldings in six styles
Flexible crown moldings and matching foam crown molding

Flat back foam crown molding
in 3 sizes and 6 styles

Flexible crown molding
with matching foam crown molding

Foam crown molding
back to back corners

Our foam crown molding, are the best looking and the easiest crown molding you will ever install!
Our foam crown moldings are proudly made in America! A DIYs dream. Cost less than wood crown moldings.
No fasteners or nails are needed. So simple to install. Does not contract and expand like wood crown moldings.

foam crown molding inside and outside room corners

Inside or outside foam crown
molding pre-cut corners

square dead end return foam crown molding ends
Vaulted foam crown molding for vaulted or sloped ceilings
Foam crown molding column tops

Vaulted foam crown molding
for vaulted or sloped ceilings

Vaulted foam crown molding
corners for up or down ceilings

 Outside foam crown
molding bullnose corners

Foam crown molding dead ends/
returns square or tapered ends

Crown molding corner blocks for room corners

Crown molding corner blocks in 6 sizes

Foam crown molding column tops
for the top of columns or posts

Foam crown molding window header
Foam crown mokding door header

Foam crown molding 
decorative window
and door headers

We have all of the foam crown molding solutions for your project! Easy to install foam crown moldings , matching flexible crown moldings , vaulted crown molding , back to back corners, dead ends, returns , bullnose corners , crown molding corner blocks , window headers , door headers and crown molding column tops. How to miter cut , paint and install styrofoam crown mouldings. All of our polystyrene styrofoam crown moldings are made in America.

Recycleable foam crown moldings
Patented foam crown moldings
Foam crown moldings made in America
Austin Crown molding accepts all major creedit cards
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Foam Crown Moldings