Cut a block about the thickness of the bottom of the lip of the molding.

Foam crown moldings made in America
Austin wood foam crown molding
Install crown molding with a brad nailer and block of wood.
Install foam crown molding with a battery  powered brad gun
Install foam crown molding with a air powered brad nailer.
Use brad nails for installing foam crown molding

  Install foam crown moldings with a brad nailer
Now it's easy for carpenters and those who like to
install crown molding with a brad nailer .
There are no studs to find. Just shoot into the drywall anywhere.
 Install our lightweight high density foam crown moldings that do not
contract or expand like wood moldings.
They are easy to cut and install with our flat back design
*You can caulk and install with no brad nailer and finish as you go.
*You can install with a brad nailer and have a painter caulk and fill the holes.

 You can use air or battery operated nailers
Be sure to turn the air pressure down low
and set the nail depth on minium.


  Watch our video

  Just place the small block on the bottom of the molding lip. Next place the spring clip onto
the wood then depress and shoot the brad nail.




  Use 1"-1-1/4"  long brad nails
No studs to hit. Shoot into the drywall.