Austin foam crown moldings allow you to install wiring where you have limited
or no access to attics. You can install your wiring and add a decorative look to your room.

 Incandescent rope lights with the room lights off.


 Austin Crown Molding


 Just install the molding on the wall with our flat-back
crown moldings. All you need is two beads of painters caulk.

 Now lay in your rope or LED light strips into the channel
 on top of the molding. No fasteners are needed!

Austin foam crown molding
Foam crown moldings made in America
Installing LED lights on the top of foam crown molding. Austin Crown Molding.
Install foam crown molding to the wall for indirect lighting. Austin Crown Molding.
Foam crown molding installed with LED lighting. Austin Crown Molding.
foam crown molding installed with round rope lights. Austin Crown Molding.

 LED strips lights with the room lights off.

Now you can easily install foam crown moldings for indirect LED and rope lighting.
It is simple! Just measure down around your room and pop a chalk line from corner to corner.
Apply simple painters caulk on the back and align the molding with the caulk line on the walls.
Next, press firmly and wipe off and excess caulk.
Installs on about any surface that caulk will bond to.
You can use our crown molding to hide wires.

Foam crown molding for LED and rope lighting